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Virtual Office Live Call Answering

Virtual Office Live Call Answering

$99.00 per month plus applicable tax


  • Business phone number - area code of your choice, including toll free numbers.
  • Answered live by a professional receptionist during EST 9:00am to 5:00pm and transfered to your cell or home office.
  • Automated answering attendant answers calls outside of those hours.  All menus are set to your specifications and can be changed as your company changes.
  • There are no additonal call charge or per minute fees. 
  • Our service is personalized to your company.  We are not a call center.
  • Calls are handled as if your company was our own.


High end customer service at an affordable price.

During the economic downturn over the last few years, a large number of East Coast businesses were forced to challenge their needs of traditional office space.   As the slowdown in businesses reduced the number of employees needed, many companies found themselves in large expensive office space that they just simply did not need.  Many companies moved employees to home offices.  With the growing unemployment rate there has also been a resurgence of small start up businesses all along the East Coast.  A growing number of these savvy business owners take a non-traditional approach and embrace the cost savings of a Virtual Office. 


A virtual office presence allows businesses to run from home offices or on the road.  With the rapid advancements in technology the new worker of today can truly be in multiple places at once without the need to commute to a central office daily. Studies have proven that a virtual office worker can be just as, if not more, productive as their peers in a traditional office. Talking the step of moving from a brick and mortar location to a home office presents a few challenges.  The most important of which is call answering. 


Do you struggle to answer your phone while you are in a meeting?  If you miss that call it could be a potential loss to your company. Small businesses now have an opportunity to present a professional image by accessing day phone answering, and multiple business center services, such as virtual administrative support, at an affordable price point. 


The Virtual programs are perfect for those who work from home or need a remote call answering.   The Virtual Office at East Coast Virtual Office provides a company their own business number and area code of choice, even 800 numbers.  Calls are answered live and then transferred to wherever their business dictates,  home offices, cell phone, out of state office or even straight to voicemail, if requested. 


In today's face paced world, business with personzlied services stand out above others.  Personalized call answering is a step in the right direction!



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